Latest Website Design Projects

It seems I'm always starting these blog posts the same way.... Sooooooo... it's been a while since we've posted anything. But, we've got a good reason. We've been working... which... you know... is what you want when you're running a business. Here are a few of the projects we've been working on since the beginning … Continue reading Latest Website Design Projects

Creative Sarasota Design & Development

Soooooo... it's been a while since I last posted. A lot has happened since December of 2018 when last I put something up. One of the big things (aside from coronavirus... btw, stay safe) is that I've partnered with a good friend and great artists/designer/photographer to establish Creative Sarasota Design and Development. We've got a … Continue reading Creative Sarasota Design & Development

Designer Fitness Website Renovation

I just finished a delightful website renovation that required skills in a bunch of different areas of website development: Logo Work, Design Modifications, Layout and Navigation, Thematic Consistency, Security, a little Video Work, and Copy Development. Plus, I got to learn a whole new WordPress page builder and learned more about the personal fitness training … Continue reading Designer Fitness Website Renovation

Sarasota Counselor & Divorce Coach Website

I would like to introduce a Sarasota therapist who specializes in what is called divorce counseling or divorce coaching: Cassandra Winters. She also happens to be my latest client and we just completed her web development project. Check out her new website at Her concerns during our initial meeting included the effectiveness of her … Continue reading Sarasota Counselor & Divorce Coach Website