Landing Page for CBD Baked Goods

CBD baked goods product photoLanding pages can be a powerful and affordable way to augment your Internet presence. The following landing page story can be implemented for around $400* by Austin / Welch Technology.

The week of May 14th I was talking with one of my clients, the Glenn Family Bakery in Sarasota. They had recently added a new category to their menu: CBD Baked Goods. These new menu items were catching on fast and Lisa, the owner, wanted to take advantage of that momentum. We chatted for 30 minutes or so on the phone and decided that a landing page would be a good first step in marketing the products. So I set out to find a good domain name for them.

This proved to be a little difficult because of the resource hoarders that bought up all of the domain names related to CBD. These unimaginative scavengers were offering them for sale at ridiculous prices. Thus, we settled for purchased from Godaddy at the normal and reasonable rate of $11.99/year. This domain provided the basics: it included the keyword “cbd”,  was descriptive of the actual product, and was short enough.

WordPress and Plugins

In the WordPress installation for cbdbakedsweets I loaded the same template from their main website and recreated their original site design almost exactly. I feel there is less anxiety for visitors navigating from the landing page to the main site if the two sites look the same of very similar.

I then installed the plugins I needed for the site. First, a lightbox plugin to make images enlarge more gracefully. Next, an SEO writing plugin to give me an idea if the page was written in an SEO friendly fashion. Finally, an analytics plugin so we can track the traffic.

Copy and Images

I polished up the client-provided content. This included a simple introduction, details about cbd, product descriptions, and basic information on their community partners. Then they needed some photos.

With a Galaxy S8+ phone, a tripod and phone adapter, 3 can lights with bright bulbs, and a sheet of thick poster paper, I created a lighted setting to shoot some product photos (You can read a little bit about product photos using a cell phone here). Here are some of the final products:

Product photos with a cell phone

Product photos with a cell phone.And that is pretty much it for creating a simple landing page for a client. There were of course small tweaks after we were “done”. But that is inevitable.

These types of landing pages are fairly simple to implement but can have a great impact on your internet presence and your business.

*This is a rough estimate and does not constitute and offer. Prices will vary depending on client needs.

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