Sell Your Goods In Bulk With Wholesale Pricing Sheets

Product Wholesale Sheet

If it’s not already obvious, selling your products in bulk at wholesale prices can be extremely lucrative to your small, local business. Not only does it increase production, sales, and profits, but it also increases your brand recognition and the recognition of other local businesses selling your products. Thus selling more of your products (that’s the hope, anyway).

To sell your products in bulk you’ve really gotta work it. After you’ve figured out your wholesale structure and how much you can produce and how low you can go, you have to get the word out to your fellow, local business compatriots. Once you have a prospective buyer locked in a conversation and they seem interested in reselling your product, you should give them something to walk away with. A wholesale pricing sheet is perfect. And even if you don’t get the opportunity to talk with the prospect, a product sheet can easily be put in their hands or on their counter for them to see later.

Having a simple list printed from a home or work printer can get the basic job done: list your products, descriptions, and prices, your name, your contact information, and maybe your logo. But with just a little bit more investment you can have a marketing document that will tell your prospects that you are at the top of your game. A full color, glossy product sheet laid out in an attractive and logical order with images and info will put your business in sharp focus.

Wholesale Product Sheet Example

Glenn Family Bakery Wholesale Price SheetTake this product sheet I created for a client as an example. Printed on a heavy weight, high gloss paper, this list of products is attractively and logically laid out. It is easy to read and provides a visual example of the products. Contact and ordering information is very apparent as is pricing and suggested retail pricing. With the bit of extra space available we decided to reinforce the small, local, and family-owned aspects of the business with a family photo and paragraph about the Glenns.

This document is more than a menu, it is an important marketing tool that reflects a professionalism in the company. A document like this can cost as little as $200 or $300 to produce and can be the difference between getting that repeat, wholesale client and not.

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