Use A Postcard As A Handbill

Whether you are farmer’s market vendor or brick-n-mortar store owner, postcards make great handbills. The glossy presentation is eye catching, the thick stock feels good in the hand, and 2 sides gives you lots of room for design and information.

This week I printed up an information & location postcard for my client The Glenn Family Bakery. With their primary outlets being farmer’s markets, they wanted a handout that clearly presented which cities and markets they attended. Going with a 2-sided design we were able to add delicious pictures and descriptions of the product categories.

Postcard Design Front
Postcard Handbill – Front
Postcard Handbill – Back

As you can see on the front side we included all the basics: logo, contact information, websites, social networks, and slogan. We also want to remind people of the delicious products so we included yummy photos with product category descriptions. Finally, we included special options that are available to customers at the bottom.

The back side is for all the location information. This makes the handbill an attractive and highly informative tool. Just hand one of these out with each purchase and people will know how to find you both digitally and physically.

Technical Notes

The postcard was designed using the open-source software Scribus.

The primary font used for descriptions, locations, headings, etc. is Brandon Grotesque.

The “flatter” blue color is 61, 32.5, 2.5, and 2.9 CMYK. The more vibrant blue is straight up cyan 100%.

The photos were, if you can believe it, taken in a homemade light tent with a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phone camera. Post production on the photos was done using the open-source software The Gimp.

You can view this postcard as well as other items from my graphic design and web design portfolio at


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