Latest Website Design Projects

It seems I'm always starting these blog posts the same way.... Sooooooo... it's been a while since we've posted anything. But, we've got a good reason. We've been working... which... you know... is what you want when you're running a business. Here are a few of the projects we've been working on since the beginning … Continue reading Latest Website Design Projects

Sports Calendar Advertising

I just finished an ad for my client New York Slice Company. (BTW, if you're in the Sarasota, Florida area and want some fantastic pizza, check them out). Pizza is, of course, the world's perfect food. And it is even more perfect for school sports teams. It's a great way to affordably celebrate with the … Continue reading Sports Calendar Advertising

Sarasota Counselor & Divorce Coach Website

I would like to introduce a Sarasota therapist who specializes in what is called divorce counseling or divorce coaching: Cassandra Winters. She also happens to be my latest client and we just completed her web development project. Check out her new website at Her concerns during our initial meeting included the effectiveness of her … Continue reading Sarasota Counselor & Divorce Coach Website

Sell Your Goods In Bulk With Wholesale Pricing Sheets

If it's not already obvious, selling your products in bulk at wholesale prices can be extremely lucrative to your small, local business. Not only does it increase production, sales, and profits, but it also increases your brand recognition and the recognition of other local businesses selling your products. Thus selling more of your products (that's … Continue reading Sell Your Goods In Bulk With Wholesale Pricing Sheets

Product Labeling for Small, Local Bakery

This past week I finished a project for my long-time client Lisa and the Glenn Family Bakery. Lisa wanted to create label stickers for some of her products. The labels needed to conform to a few basic requirements: ┬áPresent the business logo (obviously) Display the web address Represent the general product category in the container … Continue reading Product Labeling for Small, Local Bakery