Creative Sarasota Design & Development

Soooooo... it's been a while since I last posted. A lot has happened since December of 2018 when last I put something up. One of the big things (aside from coronavirus... btw, stay safe) is that I've partnered with a good friend and great artists/designer/photographer to establish Creative Sarasota Design and Development. We've got a … Continue reading Creative Sarasota Design & Development

Designer Fitness Website Renovation

I just finished a delightful website renovation that required skills in a bunch of different areas of website development: Logo Work, Design Modifications, Layout and Navigation, Thematic Consistency, Security, a little Video Work, and Copy Development. Plus, I got to learn a whole new WordPress page builder and learned more about the personal fitness training … Continue reading Designer Fitness Website Renovation

Landing Page for CBD Baked Goods

The week of May 14th I was talking with one of my clients, the Glenn Family Bakery in Sarasota. They had recently added a new category to their menu: CBD Baked Goods. These new menu items were catching on fast and Lisa, the owner, wanted to take advantage of that momentum. We chatted for 30 minutes or so on the phone and decided that a landing page would be a good first step in marketing the products. So I set out to find a good domain name for them.

Website Spelling and Usage

Not everyone has strong diction and spelling skills. ¬†Unless you are going to have a copy editor look over everything that you do, it is advisable to all small business owners/managers that maintain a regularly updated website or blog to check your spelling and usage on your pages, product info, blogs, etc. ¬†Especially your main … Continue reading Website Spelling and Usage