Hanging Our Web Design Sign

AWE Inspired Website DesignThe process of putting together a business can be tedious.  But when you start seeing the work come together it is also very rewarding.  Our website is nearing completion, our social networks are (basically) set up and we have started the development of our internal documents.  whew!  Depending on what life throws our way, we hope to have the internal documents done this week.  The website we hope to have completed by the end of next week.  That one is taking so long because our copy editor is backed up…. blarg.

The social networking sites will be the next steps: tweaking the Facebook fan page; setting up some tweets; getting a few wordpress blogs posted and refining our wordpress page.  All of this with 3 active projects at varying stages.

Please feel free to take a gander at our progress and drop a line if you are so inclined.  We’d love to hear from you.

Austin Welch Enterprises, Inc
AWE Inspired Website Design 

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