Simple Marketing Theories In Action – Product Labels

Product Labelling For Small Business

Back in June I published a post in which I discussed a small product label project for one of my clients. The client, Glenn Family Bakery, was stepping up their presentation game by printing customized sticker labels to put on their new line of CBD baked sweets. At the end of the article I suggested that small, affordable marketing projects, like product labels, could have a big impact on a small business’s presentation, brand recognition, and sales. In my opinion, these small details go a long way to making a small company look bigger, more professional, and of higher quality.

CBD Product Package LabelsOf course, it is very hard to measure the impact of a simple thing like adding a label to a product. But all you have to do is look at the end product to see that something like an attractive label makes a product really pop. I got these images from Lisa (Glenn Family Bakery) and was struck by how good her product presentation was.

Baked Sweets Package LabellingThe sealed, see-through bags give you a clear view of the beautiful and delicious looking product while keeping it safe from the environment. The label presents all the necessary info (product name, company name, logo, and web address) without interfering with the yummy visage of the cookie, brownie, or bar. This, to me, strikes the balance between the refined packaging of big corporate, cookie-cutter products like Little Debbie and the sandwich bag packaging of super small businesses with hand-scribbled signs.

Way to go, Glenn Family! This is such a great example of how a little investment can go a long way.

And in case you were wondering, their baked goods taste even better than they look. So be sure to check out the Glenn Family Bakery products’ new presentation in the real world at one of their markets or product outlets.


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